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Impacts of Daylight Time Saving and Clock Interference in the Society

Most people fear cold season, this are season where most people catch cold due to harsh weather conditions, therefore it becomes important saving the day activities during summer or to save the time, this is not considered healthy according to some of the medical experts.

A petition to end daylight saving time to the government has been made clear that most people are tired of using the day times by advancing clocks to extend the daylight up to the evening times, mostly done during summer period when the sun doesn’t set early.

This means that your body can’t take it anymore, at times this affects a lot of drivers on roads and can lead to sever accidents on roads since the driver might be sleeping when driving, sleep is important in any way, that is why the end daylight savings time petition is important.

Sometimes law is very important in any vibrant democracy and a free world, this helps in saving the lives of people on different way, at times when the law makers designed the law didn’t know that this would affect a lot of generation to come.

That is why Africa is considered to be one of the safest places to live on earth since there is no even extreme natural calamities like earthquakes and typhoons, that is why this method of daylight saving is not even popular in some of the countries.

In most parts of the world despite efforts to petition the end of daylight saving time, the world economy have turned into a 24/7 hour economy, which means that most of the businesses operate 24 hours in day for seven days, this is means that there are workers taking day and night shifts so that the business won’t stop.

The petition is not considered political but as a way of making sure that the lives of people and also nature is safeguarded, by passing this petition to be heard and decided a lot of lives can be saved and also the ranking among top world pollutants can be decreased.

If the problem is the economy, always find ways of improving the economy but not by moving the clock all round, this makes the life of an economist become frustrating, time becomes an issue and that is why some of the methods of saving time are created.

Day light saving time it is widely acknowledged and regarded across the world that it started from the united states, this becomes as a concern as to why most of the states till use the rule.

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